Apparently ...

Made a well regarded line of arms to along with the cartridges that were their main line of business. The FR-64 series is probably the most common on the second hand market, the FR-64fx with a black anodised aluminium armtube and the FR-64s wich featured a Steel alloy tube are usually considered better than the plain model (that had an aluminium armtube if I remember correctly), the 64 series was made in the 70's and the MkII versions in the early 80's. The earlier FR-54 was not as well regarded and can usually be had cheap and the FR-66 line the most sought after, again the FX & S variants considered better. The 66 is a 16" arm, was the first tonearm to allow for on-the-fly VTA adjustment, it's not a transcription tonearm the 16" size is to minimise tracking errors. Also note that the FR-6x series arms could be ordered with internal silver wiring, but the markings on the arms are the same only the package has a silver coloured sticker to show this, and nota bene these are all high mass arms.

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