CONVERSATIONS WITH COLIN / SANSUI: Capacitor replacement in vintage units


Q: I know vintage gear isn’t your business of course but, hey, I trust your expertise and so I wonder if you can help with a component issue please? I'm doing a Sansui restoration and the main caps are Nichicon & Elna. There are many differing capacitor ranges, do you have any specific recommendations?

A: Firstly is the cap in the signal path? If yes then use Elna and a higher voltage, and Low ESR and High Ripple current and if possible a Huge MTBF rating (long life). Also fit across the cap 100nF if 10uF or higher multi layer polymer type. this reduces the high frequency current through the main cap i.e. edges and increases life and often improves sound performance.

Now if it is the PSU side of things is Nichicon PL or PU range Low ESR, High Ripple Current and long life at a high temperature, failing that then National do some good caps.

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