ARCAM: FMJ A19 test review


  • Big, room-filling sound
  • Open, dynamic and cohesive
  • Subtle and revealing detail
  • Deep and authoritative sound
  • Remarkable composure and control
  • Good build and connections


  • Requires careful system matching
  • Its strengths might not be immediately apparent

The Arcam FMJ A19 is a new integrated stereo amplifier that joins the ranks of Arcam’s high-end FMJ series – and for a competitively priced £650, it’s an extremely talented performer.

The ‘FMJ’ in the name stands for Full Metal Jacket, and refers to Arcam’s steel-and-aluminium casework – which is as sturdy and substantial as you might expect.

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3 thoughts on “ARCAM: FMJ A19 test review

  1. A good honest UK audio company, I’ve owned Arcam kit for 20 years now, gradually updating every few years as necessary – can’t believe I’ve finally come out of the dark ages and bought a streamer, the AirDac , must say I’m hooked now, can’t see much point in keeping my CD collection, sounds just as good as CD’s but music selection via iPad much more convenient.

    1. Thank you. We agree 100% re your comments re Arcam. Re streaming, some of us here, admittedly the older ones like me although acknowledging the increasing sonic performance of the format still feel that despite paying we still don’t ‘own’ the music simply because it isn’t in a tangible form e.g a CD cover or record sleeve. Cobsequently although using streaming from time to time we aren’t yet prepared to bin our CDs and so on. Undoubtedly though, streaming is a, if not the way forward. Thank you. regards from OLC

    2. Hello, and thank you for your comment. We feel you’ve summed up, in a few words, one of the highest accolades that a global audio brand can aspire to: “A good honest UK audio company”. Were we a maker we’d be very proud of this description. Regards from the OLC team.

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