KINGSOUND: “Astonishing headphones with clarity like you’ve never heard before”


Steve Guttenberg writes ...

I'm a lucky guy; I regularly get to check out the world's best-sounding headphones, but I was truly shaken and stirred by the KingSound KS-H3 electrostatic headphones. If you get to hear these headphones, start with well-recorded acoustic music and you'll feel like you've been teleported back through time to the event. The KS-H3's abilities in that area are simply astonishing, it sounds better than the best Audeze, Hifiman, or Oppo planar magnetic headphones, or even the best dynamic headphones, like the Beyerdynamic T 1 or AKG K812. They all sound a little veiled and diffuse after you spend some quality time with the KS-H3.

The KS-H3 is also lighter and more comfortable than most of those headphones, and the industrial design feels fresh. The perforated, machined aluminum earcups are open, so you can hear external sound from all around you. I really enjoyed listening to the KS-H3 with movies, thanks to their wide-open soundstage, and their ultra-low distortion minimizes listening fatigue.

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