HARDWIRED: Balanced mains transformer installation … great improvement or what?

Having heard a balanced power supply in my system at a AOS get together at mine, the upgrade to my system really made me realise what my next step was. It really was a no brainer. Balanced power suplies work and they work really well. I didn't realise my mains was so bad and how detrimental an effect this can have on your hifi system's sound - mains is VERY important guys!

With this in mind I decided to "hardwire" the balanced mains unit into my property rather than buy a standard Mains Unit with 13A sockets that you plug in like a distribution block. My thoughts were to "Do it once and do it right": the hardwired approach would allow a much more direct connection between my hifi and the balanced mains and in turn my mains supply. Understandably this was a far more serious investment than swapping out a set of cables or even plugging in a "standard" balanced mains unit, which effectively is just a very fancy mains distribution block.

No, what I was proposing in my system was more hardcore and potentially more dangerous too.

It was important therefore not to take the safety aspect of this installation lightly, and I had researched on various forums, read up on UK electrical safety and had the ear of an expert in these matters who advised me on things I wasn't sure about. Additionally all work was inspected and ok'd by an electrician before I even switched on.

I am not offering any electrical advice...this post is really just for illustration of what I did in my own system.

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