RY COODER: The emotional power of music once again makes its presence felt.

This morning started pretty good I thought. Okay, I spent a bit too long in bed, but the sun was shining and there was fresh melon in the fridge and I hadn’t run out toothpaste. And there were clean pants in the drawer. All fairly mundane stuff – but it made me feel okay. I'm grateful for these little positive experiences. So far so good.

Anyway on the way to the office I had a bright idea (well, it seemed bright to me) re meeting up with someone I’ve known for 39 years. So acting on spontaneity, I made the call as soon as I arrived. What I received was a sort of benign indifference. A great comedown. So I terminated the call politely feeling, frankly, pretty pissed off.

Wondering what to do next I wondered over to the office system and knew what to play. As soon as the first notes poured out through was is by Linn/Naim standards and idiot forum members a truly crappy system, I felt really great. The mood had lifted. That’s the power of music. Not the power (in every sense of the word) of the equipment playing the music. And with it playing, I wrote this posting.

Click HERE to get info on the CD that’s done this.