AUDIO ORIGAMI: This week I’ll have a bigger grin than usual.


This week I'll have a bigger grin than usual.

I'd like to say a big Thank you first to Jonny7 and Audio Origarmi. I purchased another Tabriz in need of some TLC, the wiring was disconnected 

I had a look, but my own fat fingers said NO. Late night emails, then a phone call to J7 was enough convincing to send both. That was last week the 1st.

They arrived done this morning the 6th, now I call that good service. To top it all though, I'm currently listening to a favourite difficult album(Fairground attraction, can be a bit SSsssssssy)

My first thought on needle drop was background noise, or lack of it. I had to turn it well past 12 O clock to know I'd got the correct input. Already more detail, its an old record I know well, and I'm hearing more of it, wow, I love vinyl

The title is businesses , I've got something else being soak tested as we listen, but again I got a call within a day to say its been fixed, I'll reveal all shortly.

Johny, you were right about the cables

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