LUXMAN: Vintage Luxman amplifiers inc L-210, L-530 – and more

I really like Luxman's from the 80's, they were there when the "audio-bug" bit me as a teenager. I bought my first Luxman gear with earned money in '84! This was a kit with some swedish made speakers, branded with the Luxman logo but they actually looked very much like Snell E/III, only a little smaller. The electronics was an L-210 amp, a K-210 casette deck, an L-215 tuner and a PD-290 turntable. This was my first experience with higher quality audio and the great moments spent with this gear was difficult to forget.

So, i've been through a bunch of Luxman stuff over the years, and rarely been disappointed.
My intention is to show off some of the gear that has passes my trails, and give some comments on each of them.
I really would appreciate if you did the same!?!?

I'll start off with the gorgeous Luxman L-530


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