MOSE ALLISON: An interview with Mose Allison:

The opportunity presented itself in November to attend a performance by blues artist Mose Allison at a jazz club in the Detroit area. This was my first time seeing him perform live, although I had been familiar with his music since youth. I have just recently become reanimated by his music, which has always made a strong connection, but I was simply unaware of the extent of his recorded work over the years.

Mose Allison turned 83 last month. His combination of eloquent bebop piano licks and down-to-earth, but scathingly witty message, still makes for irresistible listening. Mose’s music has never been dumbed down. Its sensibility was formed by years of gigging with some of the best jazz artists around—Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Gerry Mulligan, Bob Brookmeyer, not to mention Al Cohn. Mose’s voice has never been a remarkable instrument, but it always has something to say.