SONUS / Sub mini: News

What's happened?

Sonos first announced a subwoofer back in 2012, and while the device has been through a couple of generation upgrades, the striking square design with its central cutout has largely remained the same. The company then announced the Sonos Sub Mini, which as its name suggests, is a mini subwoofer. It doesn't replace the original Sonos Sub, instead it sits alongside it, offering a cheaper alternative for those with some of the company's smaller speakers or soundbars. 

Our quick verdict

The Sonos Sub Mini is a lovely-looking subwoofer (yes, we did just say that), with a statement design that makes it stand out from the crowd of traditional black boxes. It offers great performance too, delivering extra depth to music when required and enhancing action scenes in movies to offer a more realistic and immersive experience. It's biggest problem is how many people really need it, making it a lovely luxury more than a necessity. Read our full review.

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