ARYLIC / A30+ Streaming amplifier: News

It’s just a wee little thing but Arylic promise much from this low-cost wireless amplifier

Firstly? May I humbly ask the question? Is it possible that the company name may have been a wrong move to begin with? Especially as the world’s regiments of spell checkers will be determined to change the company name from Arylic to Acrylic? I fought with mine throughout this review, I have to say.  But hey, what do I know about branding, eh?

Maybe that’s the idea.

So let’s address that idea here, shall we? If you round up the figures, we’re looking at 132 x 86 x 27mm which is around 5″ x 3″ x 1″. That, backed up by 0.35kg or around three quarters of a pound in weight and you’re looking at not very much at all in terms .....


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