Early Blues Interview Gwyn Ashton, Aussie blues/rock guitarist

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Gwyn's Biography:

"Welsh-born Gwyn Ashton migrated to Adelaide, South Australia in the ‘60s, picked up a guitar at 12 and from the age of 16, played every bar, festival and seedy biker show imaginable. Aussie audiences are tough and like their rock & roll loud, hard and fast. This is where Gwyn learned how to play his ass off. Entertain or be beer bottled!

In the ‘90s he moved to Melbourne, played shows with Jim Keays and Mick Pealing, recorded his first two albums and opened for Junior Wells, Rory Gallagher, Steve Morse and Albert Lee.

He relocated to Sydney in the ‘80s, playing stints with Swanee and Stevie Wright. With his own band, he carved up stages nationwide – some in the middle of nowhere, fronted with chicken wire, sometimes driving for days through the outback to get to the next show.

In the 90s he moved to Melbourne, played with  .......

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