GARRARD: The 301 and 401; best place to buy them?

Tom Edison ...

Hopefully some of you will be able to help me choose the best place to buy a refurbished 301 or 401 from.

We've got our 35th wedding anniversary coming up in June this year and my wife wants to give me something significant to celebrate it. As you can imagine after 35 years we've done the usual things like watches and jewellery and she was struggling to come up with something different that I would really appreciate. Then without any prompting from me, she suddenly asks would I like a new turntable! And I thought she hadn't noticed all the time I was spending online looking at turntable sites!

As this is a to be an anniversary present it has to be one that will be a keeper and one that I will still be enjoying hopefully in 20 years time. On that basis I've ruled out some of the more modern stuff I was looking at and have settled on either a Garrard 301 or 401 in a heavy wooden plinth.
My question to you guys that have already been down this route is where is the best place to buy a refurbished one from?

I've found the likes of Audio Grail and The Classic Turntable Company but are there any more out there? The amount of detail work that seems to go into the Audio Grail makes me veer towards them but I would appreciate any thoughts that you might have on the relative merits of each of them.
On the plinth side of things I've found Russ Collinson's site and seen that he seems to be well thought of on here, but are there any other makers at around the same price range as him?
Any help or thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.

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