NYTECH: Help and sympathy requested

DIY Audio write:

Mmm, bought one of the above examples off ebay a few weeks ago, finally got round its various idiosyncrasies and got the thing running, something to do with bridging preamp and aux din sockets that where missing, sounded OK, 25 years taking its toll.... curiosity made me open the case, its a strange thing for sure!!!

After seeing the weird heatsinks and multiple cards, no ventilation whatsoever, I decided to modify it and bring it up to date with new caps and op trannies, then rehouse it all in an ally case, fine so far, then I thought i'd clean it up somewhat, fit decent sized heatsinks on the flipped amp boards and get rid of the tone control and tape inputs and pre amp outs, fit a stepped attentuator  This is where it all went slightly wrong!

I cant figure the tape /aux switch circuitry how it would work? firstly its on an output from the pre board, it has no connection to the phono stage, and seems to be linked to the tone control?  Try getting a shematic !   Might try connecting as originally intended one input RCA , to the mainboard phono input as the card was going to be removed anyway and bridge the tone pcb pins with a 100k resistor.  British hifi!

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