Never before released, second solo LP by Lawrence Hammond, leader of acclaimed California psychedelic rock band, Mad River. Hammond released one solo LP in the 70s for John Fahey’s Takoma label. Second LP was never released as label went down before its completion and Hammond became a doctor. Includes the original version of ‘John Deere Tractor, a massive hit for the JUDDS in the 1980s

First time release Appeals to fans of Americana, country and cowboy singers as well as aficionados of late 60s/early 70s West Coast rock Features the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir’s brother,James Louis Parber on lead guitar

1. Red-Dirt Texas Fiddler, 2. Nevada McCloud, 3. Pap Redwing Blackbird, 4. Little Britches, 5. West Texas Border Patrol, 6. John Deere Tractor, 7. Love for the Hunter, 8. The Heavenly Saga of Flight 641, ,9. Pale Moon on the Pecos, 10. Lone Star Blues, 11. Tumbleweed Plantation

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