MARL LEVINSON. “Early Levinson was wonderful – the 28 and 25/26 pre’s with the 29, 27.5 and 23 power-amps had all the tube attributes without the foibles.”



Editor's note:

Really? Not in my experience! I sold my ML-28 Mark Levinson preamp within days of buying it second hand. I was hoping for the sheer magic of the ML-6a and ML-7. Sadly by that time, that magic was nowhere to be seen, felt or heard. Yes the built quality was impeccable. Yes, the bass tightness was exemplary. And yet it was everything that music isn’t / wasn’t.I wondered then as I do now why the designers decided (as clearly they had) to release items where the majesty and wonder of how music properly reproduced in the home could be so absent. Why didn’t they attempt to produce a lower cost version of the ML-7 rather than ditch the brilliance of the early designs? Meanwhile, Rowland Research were reclaiming the sonic benchmarks.

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