STAX: Prices for a used STAX 006t Mk1

Hi Howard,

May I ask you a question regarding Stax?

I have been offered a SRM 007t for £600. I have agreed to the price but was wondering how old it might be because it has 2 pro outs and 1 normal. The 313 I bought from you 2 years ago went from having one of each to 2 pro.The seller says it is 15 months old, would you say this is right.

I know you recomended the 717 to me but I never see a good deal on them so will bite the bullet with the 007t.

Kind Regards



Hi AP.

From what you say, this unit would be at least 3 years old. However, it's the amount of use it has had which is important in terms of valve life. £600 is a bit high. £500 is reasonable. That would probably be my maximum.

This model is particularly receptive to valve upgrades and tuning. Budget for £200 on top of £500 and you have a terrific energiser which is unlikely to be beaten comprehensively at any price.

Good luck



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