JBL: D44000 Paragon – rare images

The JBL D44000 Paragon is an iconic one-piece stereo loudspeaker created by JBL that was introduced in 1957 and discontinued in 1983; its production run was the longest of any JBL speaker.[1] At its launch, the Paragon was the most expensive domestic loudspeaker on the market.[2]

Designed by Arnold Wolf from a concept elaborated by Richard Ranger, it is almost nine feet long and requires over a hundred man hours of hand-finishing by a team of dedicated craftsmen.[1] Resembling less a conventional loudspeaker than an elegant sideboard,[3] it is a landmark product for the company that was sought after by the well-heeled and celebrities.[4] With estimated total production of about 1,000 units, it is highly sought after by collectors to this day.[1]

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