THE MOVE: Don’t Make My Baby Blue / Tony Besgrove remembers them with fondness

Pop fans of a certain age (this includes me) may well remember The Move with fondness. They hailed from the Birmingham area, and in 1967 they were the first band to have a chart single played on the then 'new' radio station, BBC Radio 1. However they did have a harder, rockier edge to them; Onstage, Carl Wayne, the vocalist, would take an axe to TV sets; other stunts courted controversy, keeping them in the public eye.

Musically they 'progressed',  releasing an EP entitled 'Something Else from The Move', recorded live at The Marquee Club on London that signalled a shift in direction away from pure pop hits. Roy Wood had discovered a wah-wah pedal - and wasn't afraid to use it! After a number of personnel changes, they released the album 'Shazam' in 1970. This originally comprised six tracks; later reissues added the ......

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