WEATHER REPORT: Live In Offenbach 1978 (2CD+DVD)

Reissue of Art of Groove's 2011 release of Weather Report's 1978 concert in Offenbach, now with both CDs of music and the DVD in one package. It was originally released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Weather Report.

The recording features arguably the most individual group ever to mix elements of jazz, rock and electronics and they're captured here at their absolute best. Led by two musical visionaries, pianist and keyboard player Joe Zawinul and tenor and soprano saxophonist Wayne Shorter, the group was also unique in that it eschewed the then fashionable guitar.

Also on board were flamboyant electric bassist Jaco Pastorius, a genuine innovator, and newly arrived drummer Peter Erskine a master technician brought into the group to add more of a jazz feel. Prior to this line up an additional percussionist had always been present but this auxiliary role was dropped to allow greater space in the music.Personnel: Joe Zawinul (keyboards), Wanye Shorter (tenor and soprano saxophone), Jaco Pastorius (electric bass), Peter Erkskine (drums)

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