LECSON: The official site

Long before there was a Meridian audio, the Boothroyd/Stuart team formed Lecson Audio.   Aficionados from the 1970’s will remember Lecson primarily for their flat multicolored preamplifier and cylindrical amplifier, but like most enterprises the story goes much deeper.

They are also one of the few audio firms to win a Design Council Award and be featured in multiple museums, including the Victoria and Albert just last year for their revolutionary design.  Perfect companions for your Transcriptors or Gale turntable!

Did you know that Lecson actually built  six different power amplifiers?  A moving coil preamplifer?  Three different speakers?

Frankly neither did I before starting out on our Lecson website adventure six years ago.   It’s amazing what you find out when kindred spirits from around the globe connect and share their knowledge!

Howard was kind enough to offer up a link to our Lecson site at www.lecsonaudio.com .   Spend a few minutes and you might get hooked as well.

Or visit our www.galeaudio.com  for yet another adventure.


John Mayberry

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