NAKAMICHI: CD/DVD 10S. Used as an excellent very cheap CD transport with great success

FYI ONLY / WE DO NOT HAVE ONE FOR SALE … but we do use one in our editorial office

Home Theatre said: “Made to withstand even day-in-day-out broadcast use, the Nakamichi DVD-10 player delivers pro-level build quality at a consumer-grade price. If you find one, chances are it will be working perfectly. The DVD-10 was built to last.”

Chas Underhay [Audio enthusiast] wrote: “Audio enthusiast is not really accurate, more music enthusiast, audio is a tool for a job. Anyway that moan out of the way I was interested to note that many people have also had problems with the slow reading of DVDs and CDs. I would also agree that the Nakamichi DVD10s tends to be a bit finicky about what it plays but I have often traced this to being due to dirt even on new discs scratches scratches on old discs. Not withstanding the above gripes, I consider the overall audio and video performance is very good. When my wife and I went to audition the Naka the dealer thought the sound quality would be on a par with a £350 CD player. we asked the dealer to set up both players and a good £600 CD player so as to see what we would be loosing out on. The truth is that we never even listened to the £350 player because the Naka walked all over the £600 player. “

Roberto wrote: “CD listening quality is definitely on par with 300-600 dollar CD standalone units. One guy said it rivals $1000 players. I.e. don't bother with a dedicated CD player unless its class A. If you are going to get this player for near $300 at a store or auction, I say do it and use it for exceptional video and audio.”

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