SHERYL CROW:The Sting (CD) inc track list

This riveting radio broadcast recording comes from an October 1994 performance at New Britain, Connecticut's 1,200 capacity club, The Sting. A dynamic 10-song set captures Sheryl Crow and her band blazing on all cylinders at this early and crucial stage in her development as a major artist. Sheryl spent the bulk of the year touring the USA as opening act for the likes of Crowded House, Bob Dylan and Joe Cocker, but this concert was a comparatively rare headline appearance.

1. Can’t Cry Any More
2. Love Is A Good Thing
3. Leaving Las Vegas
4. Run, Baby, Run
5. The Na-Na Song
6. D’Yer Maker
7. Strong Enough
8. Volvo Cowgirl 99
9. I Shall Believe
10. Al I Wanna Do

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