RITA COOLIDGE: Satisfied / Heartbreak Radio / Never Let You Go (2CD)

On a double CD, Raven presents three exceptional albums by the esteemed American singer Rita Coolidge – Satisfied (1979), Heartbreak Radio (1981) and Never Let You Go (1983).This is the first time that both Heartbreak Radio and Never Let You Go have appeared on CD in their entirety. Originally recorded for A&M Records, these recordings captured the singer at the height of her success, with passion, honesty and pure expression. Coolidge is a versatile singer and began her career as a hugely in-demand backing vocalist. She then issued a series of polished, quality albums that established her as a solo star with a beautiful and soulful mix of laid-back country-rock and West Coast soft-rock hits ('Higher and Higher', 'We're All Alone'). This release includes the US hits 'I'd Rather Leave While I'm in Love', 'One Fine Day', 'The Closer You Get', 'Fool That I Am' (Coast to Coast) and 'All Time High' (James Bond's Octopussy).

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