WHAT’S IT REALLY LIKE: To work in a music store?

According to Andy Warhol, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes — a concept that has gelled even more with the advent of the Internet. Well, yesterday a humble music store employee got his three-times-five when a series of vids he made called "What it's really like to work in a music store" suddenly started popping up on video blogs all over the web.

Struck by the simple comedy of the series — which features YouTube user averyellis quietly reacting to patrons "jammin'" on instruments and testing out the wares — and fascinated by its sudden uptick in popularity, we contacted averyellis to find out what the deal is. Check out our Q&A with him below:

First of all: Name, age, occupation, hometown?
Pulling no punches, eh? Alright, my name is Eric, I can usually pass for early 30s, and I'm the warehouse manager at a locally owned music store in Birmingham, AL. It's the day job I need to support my musician habit.

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