QUEEN: Was Freddie Mercury really so charming like you see in Bohemian Rhapsody?



If you think the movie Freddie was charming you’re in for a treat. He was SO much more charming than he was portrayed as the other answers attest. His roadie said that the movie “never even got close to portraying Freddie the way he really was” and he wishes that they had shown his “generosity of spirit” and “generosity with his music”.

In the movie he is shown as being forced to share writing credits with the other band members when his roadie and music producers have said it was Freddie who refused to take partial writing credit for songs no matter how much he improved them with his relentless drive for perfection and having them try different versions until they were exhausted. He practically rewrote several of them but took no credit.

It’s almost like the movie got it completely backwards when it came to Freddie. In the movie he is shown as being a bit of a diva and saying things like, “Queen is whatever I say it is!” In interviews many times he stopped the interviewers who would call him the leader of Queen and say that he wasn’t the leader he was just the lead singer and that they were all equals in spite of the fact that he wrote over half of their greatest hits. You will see this for yourself and how charming he was if you search out some video interviews.

His roadie and others have said that Freddie was one of the wittiest people they’d ever known and made everyone laugh all the time. One video director said that he loved working with Queen because for days you would “split your gut laughing” just being around him. I really wish the writers could have made him funnier but maybe they weren’t that clever.

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