ROTEL: RA-1412…got lucky.

Oh boy, the Rotel RA-1412 is an integrated I've wanted for a long time and I finally managed to get one but it wasn't easy.

I usually miss out or get burned when I try to get anything from CL. This time, I see this beauty on CL in the Jacksonville, Fl area and it's only listed as a "vintage amplifier" so I think maybe I'll get lucky this time.

I called the seller to let him know I want it but our ship is at sea and we won't be pulling into the Navy base for another week. I asked if he would hold it for me till then and he says he won't, it's first come first serve and he's got someone who is coming over tomorrow who wants to buy it. No surprise since he only asked about half of what they usually sell for.

My buddy who is a medical officer on the ship lives in the area and had his wife meet up with the seller in a public place to do the deal. I am very thankful for that and need to at least take them to dinner.

I plan on using the RA-1412 as a preamp only as I have a multi amp active system. I'll see how everything looks and check it's performance and if necessary will do a complete recap with high quality caps.

I'm so stoked right now and can't wait till we pull in in another week so I can actually see it in person. :banana: Now I'll be desparately looking for the RT-1024 tuner! Here are a few pics from the CL ad:

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