PAUL JONES: The Interview

Blues in Britain magazine writes:

What started your career as a radio presenter?

Twenty-five years at Radio 2, twenty-six if you count the three pilot programmes that I did in 1985. That was a holiday relief for Dave Gelly who was doing a jazz programme. Because I was subbing for Dave, who makes Bob Harris sound stentorian, (whispering) I put on this very gentle, whispery voice and that’s how I did my first three programmes. (laughter) It was only after working at Jazz FM with Peter Young that I developed (projecting) this stentorian (style).

Who was the producer on the Dave Gelly show?

Dave Shannon; Dave Shannon invented the programme (Paul Jones’ Hour of Rhythm & Blues). He produced it for a long, long time. Then he went off; he got offered, very keen on sport is Dave, and he got offered a strange television programme where did sport but they had music in between, which seemed like the perfect world to him. After a while he decided he didn’t really like it; he wasn’t terribly happy doing it so he came back to radio and he took up the programme again. I have had, I don’t now how many, certainly at least seven producers now.