DYLAN: How close is Bob Dylan to his children, and do they ever collaborate on music together?


Amy Christa Ernano, lifelong rock & roll fan, sometime singer

Only one of Dylan’s 6 (known) children, Jakob, is a musician, and no, they have never collaborated on music. As far as I know, Jakob had a hard enough time distinguishing himself as a musician in his own right, as opposed to being “Bob Dylan’s kid”.

Dylan’s oldest daughter, Maria (the biological daughter of his first wife Sara, and whom Dylan adopted when she was 4), is an attorney, and is married to singer-songwriter Peter Himmelman.

His oldest son, Jesse, is a film director and producer. Most of Jesse’s films have been documentaries, but he has also directed a few features, such as Kicking and Screaming, starring Will Ferrell and Robert Duvall.

Daughter Anna is an artist, and son Sam is a photographer.

Dylan’s youngest daughter, Desiree (with his second wife Carolyn Dennis), has done some singing, but not professionally. There was a lot of speculation and gossip a few years back when Desi married her wife, because Bob didn’t attend the ceremony, with some people accusing him of being anti-LGBTQ+, but the consensus seems to be that Dylan stayed away because he didn’t want to draw attention (and the paparazzi) to himself and for Desi’s day to become about him. According to Desi’s mother, Dylan was always an attentive father and has a good relationship with his daughter. Desi’s mother-in-law also stated that Desi and Bob had a good relationship.

As for his five eldest children, Jakob told the New York Times in 2005 that when he was growing up, his father “was a god to me for all the right reasons”, and stated that Bob had always been and still was very affectionate with his children.

Bob Dylan doesn’t like people to know too much about him. Jakob said that Bob probably wouldn’t want people to know how affectionate he is with his kids and grandkids (Dylan reportedly has a “World’s Greatest Grandpa” bumper sticker on his car), because Bob just doesn’t like people to know too much; he is fiercely protective of his privacy.

But here are some photos. Dylan with Anna and Sam:

With Jesse and Maria:

With Anna:

With baby Jakob:

With Maria:

With Desi:

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