JBL: 4343 Oak Cabinets/ blue baffles – Collectors item

Sale now expired:

The seller wrote:

These are true studio monitors, no telling how many albums from the 70’s were mastered with speakers just like these. These speakers sound fabulous, very explosive and realistic sound. They are 93 dB at 1 watt, I am using a clone of the old Dynaco sc 35 17.5 watt per channel EL84 power amp and I can’t turn it up all the way it gets too loud.

They image great and the speakers disappear if you get them far enough apart. I have them nearly in the corners of my listening room. Voice is very natural and realistic on these and classical music sounds very realistic like you are there on the 4343. They are a 4 way with a super tweeter, midrange/tweeter horn, a 10" mid bass woofer and 15" deep bass woofer.