DIGITAL: Ideas for a CD transport

Hello, I feel that upgraditis virus seeking me out again... I currently use a sony cdp557esd as a transport coupled with a parasound dac 1600. The sound is basically great, neutral and detailed, background is black, image is quiet and precise. The only thing lacking really is more punch (compared to a parasound cdp1000 used as a transport with the same dac) or better dynamics.

I read on the lampizator site that these old sonys were built state of the art - except for the clock which is a standard cheap one. Unless my sony is simply worn out or broken, I'm thinking this might be the problem. I'm no DIY guy unless a procedure is REALLY simple, but suggestions are welcome. I have read about external reclocking devices, are any of them good enough to give an improvement on this level?

Alternatively, I could try out another transport or cd player bought 2nd hand. There is parasound d3 for sale locally with no asking price. Does anyone have experience with this unit? My budget would be £300 tops, I hope to use a pair of Heybrook Quartets as a trade-in, perhaps the sony itself, if better options should appear. The rest of my system is an Exposure super xv integrated amp and Heybrook Sextet speakers.

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