Meyer Lansky writes ...

I have been reading an interesting article regarding integrating bass with horn loaded speakers.

www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/grandecastine/1.html ( i know its 6 moons - but sometimes in a pile of xxxx is a nugget!)

Where for the sub 50Hz content a planar dipole system was utilised. Nothing new you may say - the bit i liked is that these drivers don't have the power to propagate the sound over a large distance, and in the case of the "La Grande Castine" placed behind the listening position. Not having enough power to fill the room with bass has its advantage that you don't have to control the consequences of having LF which couples with the rooms fundamental modes.

What are other peoples thoughts on this? Is this BS or is there something to be said for this approach. Why it appeals to me is i currently am having to attenuate sub 40Hz due to coupling, and this maybe an alternative to some very anti WAF acoustic treatment which i am currently contemplating.

The million dollar question is the planar dipole bass the only way of achieving this? The reason why i ask if we are sitting on the solution is in my listening room i have a listening sofa which under the seat is a big void into which i could install some sub!

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