STEELY DAN: Doing It In California (CD)

Partly because of Donald Fagen's reluctance to sing onstage, partly due to he and Walter Becker's perfectionism, and partly because thepairs compositions and arrangements were so complex - requiring all manner of studio hardware to reproduce - Steely Dan played veryfew live concerts during their early career, indeed by the middle of 1974 they had given up touring entirely. The one album they did promote on the road however was their third masterpiece, the enigmatically titles Pretzel Logic, released in theUSA on February 20th 1974.The tour started on March 9th, and this CD features the complete second show played by the group, at the University Of California thefollowing night.

The gigs would continue until July 1974 after which Steely Dan would not play live again until they reunited in 1992. This excellent live broadcast recording is, therefore, quite a rarity; not only does it showcase the very best of the songs from Steely Dan'sfirst three albums, it also features This All Too Mobile Home, a number that was never recorded in the studio. Furthermore, theremarkable version of Your Gold Teeth II included here is wholly different to the song of that name later released on the album 'Katy Lied' Bonus cuts here are taken from Dans gig at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis on the 30th April 74, plus a version of Do It Again recordedfor the long running TV series Midnight Special on which Steely Dan had been special guests a year earlier, in April 1973.

1. King of the World 05:08
2. Barrytown 04:41
3. My Old School 05:30
4. Pretzel Logic 05:42
5. Reelin' In the Years 04:45
6. This Is All Too Mobile Home 03:56
7. Bodhisattva 05:19
8. The Boston Rag 07:02
9. Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me) 04:14
10. Funky Scare Tactic Orchestra Blues 00:59
11. Dirty Work 03:58
12. Your Gold Teeth II 01:30
13. Show Biz Kids 07:04
14. Do It Again 04:31

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