GEORGE HARRISON: Why was not able to replicate his success with All Things Must Pass?

My response: I have no idea, and not much interest in find out but, that said, it's a reasonable question and so I found the following from Richard Misiano-Genovese

“All Things Must Pass” had to be the make or break solo debut for Harrison or it would have ended right there for him. He was more than totally disillusioned by the Beatlemania success they enjoyed and his only chance for redemption in terms of musical relevancy weighted on this box set recordings.

Having most of this massive released box set already roughed out; he ’d had lots of years of putting it together from stuff he never was able to get past the guards (McCartney and Lennon) to the actual LPs.

But after this, it was all downhill. He made his relevancy exit with the “Concert for Bangladesh”, which was a stroke of brilliance as his outro. Afterwards he had become completely irrelevant and had it been in terms of today’s ethics and mores–– or lack thereof–– he’d have been run out of town for his support and praise for the Hari Krishnas and also for “Tiny Tim” an obvious pedophile of the worst order.

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