NICK GRAVENITES: Blue Gravy featuring Paul Butterfield / Michael Bloomfield with Mark Naftalin



Bundle includes two limited edtion live radio broadcasts, as follows:

The Record Plant '73 by Nick Gravenites and Blue Gravy featuring Paul Butterfield

Nick "Gravy" Gravenites the acknowledged link and catylst between the sixties white blues boy scene of Chicago and the burgeoning acid/hippy happenings of San Francisco has a remarkable and imposing CV.

Writing for the Quicksilver Messenger Service, Janis Joplin's Kosmic Blues Band and the Butterfield Blues Band, he eventually formed the Electric Flag with Mike Bloomfield in 1967 and scored the soundtrack to 'The Trip'.Although surviving barely a year, Blue Gravy were a doggedly and persistantly popular attraction in the Bay Area.

This is the only known live recording aired by KSAN-FM from the Record Plant in Saulsalito on the 22nd April 1973 featuring the imposing presence of Paul Butterfield on harmonica. A dazzling and sensational performance.

The Record Plant '73 (CD)by Michael Bloomfield with Mark Naftalin

In a Rolling Stone interview Dylan remembered Bloomfield as "the guy that I always miss..... he had so much soul. And he knew all the styles".  Al Kooper, that "he had 90% talent, 10% ambition"and in 1966 Clapton called him "music on two legs"

Combining stinging treble-tone, articulate and fluid phrasing and headlong full tilt soloing, he was without comparison or peer. This session with long term collaborator Mark Naftalin at the Record Plant, Sausalito 1973 broadcast by KSAN-FM features a more relaxed mostly acoustic show, proving that his artistry had not yet been diminished by the debilitating powers of insomnia and heroin.

And again from Dylan "I think he'd still be around if he'd stayed with me"