OCD – can it really be responsible?

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Howard Popeck / Features Editor


We spotted this recently and we thought we’d throw this out there for discussion.

“I'm not diagnosed OCD but I display many of the symptoms of said order. I do wonder if this influences my music/listening buying? Truth is I know it does...! I do ideally like clean pitch perfect vocals which greatly influence what music I listen to or buy. I can listen to most music it's just that it can irritate me somewhat. That's why I find it difficult to listen to nasally or off pitch vocals as so many have these days. Believe you me more have them than you realise...!!!

Vocalist that irritate me amongst others are - Prince, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison. The purest (IMHO) are Jonie Mitchell and Laure Marling to name a few. there are many others but those are the ones that spring to mind.

I tend to like pure melodic scales but strangely I can handle jazz (recently) as it's so abstract as to not worry me. I actually put this down to why I own less than 600 records when I have been collecting for 37 years.”


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