HARBETH: Buying customized Harbeths – Is a warning in place?

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A few days ago I stumbled upon a website from a company in Norway called Maxwell Sound System that states on their website that they have permission to custom produce Harbeth speakers. The page says that these speakers - and I quote- ‘are exclusively made for ‘Maxwell Sound System' in Norway’.

I can’t go into details about what he claims with his 'Organic Master Solutions', because I couldn’t find any information about it on internet, other than from this company’s website.

It all sounds to me like a lot of bullocks and can potentially harm the good name of the Harbeth brand and confuse (future) Harbeth users. For its promotion this company is using arguments that this forum has been arguing against over the past years.

To give you an example: This company sells a pimped "Harbeth M40.1-MX - Organic Master Reference Solution" for ‘just’ under € 20.000,00 (NOK 181.900), which is almost twice the price for the original model!!! Besides that, the 40.1 model has been succeeded in 2015 by the new Harbeth 40.2. Through the links below you can view more examples of his pricing.

My point on publishing this in the Harbeth forum is that I don’t mind that people try to make money, but this should be a warning for future Harbeth users to think twice before they buy these so called customized Harbeths. Unless of course this company can hard prove that their customized Harbeths justify the ridiculous high price.
And than I am also curious to whether these customized Harbeths still have their Harbeth warranty?

To Quote W.A. Mozart in the movie Amadeus, after the emporer states that Mozart has used too many notes in an opera and suggests he should remove some: “They say I have to rewrite the opera. But it's perfect as it is! I can't rewrite what's perfect!”
In my humble opinion: this is in analogy with Harbeth speakers: They are close to perfect as they are.

I am interested in Harbeth users opnions. I am also curious to as whether this company actually has permission from Harbeth to produce “customized Harbeth speakers” or not. And if they are, Harbeth has made a serious mistake if I may say so…..

Some links (in Norwegian, but Google translate can help here):

Dip in and out HERE

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