GALE: GS401A – appropriate amplification?

Poking around in the loft a while back I came across along forgotten pair of Gale GS401As in very sad condition and, if memory serves, they'd been there for 22 years! Unfortunately they were a little too near a small long term leak that developed in the roof (fixed long ago) which did little to improve the chrome work. The main reason they went out of use was a blown tweeter in one of them which at the time was unobtainable and thus irreparable.     

More out of stubbornness than anything else I've decided to restore the old girls back to their 1970's glory. There was something about the sound I rather liked. Naturally I know it would be far more sensible to get rid of them and forget the idea altogether but where's the fun in that?     

So far all I've done is got them down, knocked off the end caps (I don't want to repeat THAT experience!), and cleaned everything up ready for parcelling up and despatch for refurb and chroming. I'm not expecting to be reassembling them this side of new year. When that happy day comes I'm going to find myself in need of some amplification. As they'll be pretty much second string system speakers using my MFs isn't really an option. The 401s are, of course, not the easiest load for amps.      

Any ideas for economical amplification, power or integrated within £ Three Figures? Thoughts that went through my mind were a Quad 405 (doubtful), an older MF power or integrated and even a pair of bridged Behringer A500s (I do like the vfm that Bellringer offer). 

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