NEIL YOUNG: ‘Record! The red button’s not that scary’

Neil Young

"Rock's great maverick reveals his recording ethos at an LA awards ceremony – read the full transcript here"

Neil Young last night was presented with a special award at the Grammys ceremony for producers and engineers at the Village studio complex in Los Angeles – and marked the occasion with a long speech that outlined much of his recording philosophy. Namely, that entering a recording studio is to "try to get magic". And that if you're in the studio, you should be recording. All in all, it's an intriguing read. The full transcritption – originally printed at – is below.

So this is a cool night because we're all here together. I know almost everybody here. If I don't know you, I thought I did when I saw you. It really is great. A lot of us, you know, producers and engineers – I'm kind of a producer, partially, an engineer, I'm not really good at either one. It's hurt my records in the past. We're performance-oriented: technical things don't matter that much.

That's only one way of making records. A lot of you out here are craftsmen: just beautiful records, and take great care with every note. And I know I'm not one of them. I like to capture the moment. I like to record the moment. I like to get the first time that I ...........

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