LINN: Moving from Isobarik speakers – Opinions and Advice requested

I am planning a move from Linn Kan(powered by Nait 2) to Linn Isobariks(powered passive by 300/500). I have an LP12 as front end, but am doing a lot of streaming using a squeezebox classic/beresford dac. I have settled on the Isobariks, just because they are something I have looked forward to upgrading for a long time, because of their association with the Kans, and their iconic design. I expect modern speakers have moved on, and still looking to include a more modern speaker in my upgrade.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who have moved from Isobariks to a different speaker, what they were looking for sound quality wise from the upgrade, how the upgrade met there expectations with any additional improvements, and if there is anything they miss from the Isobariks.