GALE: 401 & 402 speakers: Any possibility of a reissue?

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Howard Popeck asks: Dave - If enough money were invested, could a UK maker totally and faithfully reproduce the original sound using modern components or, as I suspect, part of that special and elusive sound only be achieved by original components?

Dave Smith replies: In conjunction with the previous question I have no doubt you could make an exact cosmetic copy but as for the original sound that’s another thing all together. As you are aware a huge amount of the loudspeaker OEM market emanates from China even some of the so called 'high end' manufacturers products are produced in China and use the term 'designed in the UK' but would they sound like a 40 year old pair of original Gales; I doubt it?

You like me being a vintage HiFi fan will certainly agree that you just cannot better some of the old equipment and you cannot put your finger on what contributes to that distinctive vintage sound as there are so many separate parameters involved that make up the original end product.

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