GIANT SAND: The Sun Set Volume 1 (RSD 2016 Limited Vinyl 8LP Box Set)

From our archives:

6 title (8 disc) box set in hardboard outer slipcase includes download. “30 years of Giant Sand way back when it seemed like a long spans. but no. just a blink of the eye. the flutter of the lid seems like it's in a slow-motion wow, but any motion is in fast-forward compared to still life. albums live on a shelf like a still life collection collecting decades and dust. what do we have here, collectively speaking ? musings set to motion. here in rewind and some in fast forward.

We know there's no comfortable category to place it all. perhaps because there is no categorical comfort. the forefathers of this output have been set in rock: david bowie, john lennon, jimi hendrix, bob dylan and neil young. the forefathers set in ivory are probably responsible for what's coming next. but as far as rock erosion is concerned, with this collection of mega dust, this giant sand, it's high time to call it a day. 30 years seems an adequate number to aptly utter "I kinda quit". there's plenty enough here. more than imaginable.

I'm very eager to see what the next blink will bring. piano for now. songs forever. So here's to the next 30 years of plunk rock. a circle of fifths in black and white blur. getting on a plane with no guitar bag slung. maybe a hat. .. bolo tie too. thank you so very much for your participation in all of this. I will never thank you enough because I can't. we are a fabric. a stitch in time. sonic threads woven by our space age muses.” Howe Gelb /

Following the upcoming Giant Sand European tour in April, Howe Gelb and the Giants will be bidding a final farewell. As a parting gift Fire America will release a three volume box set entitled "The Sun Set". The complete A-Z of Giant Sand will be released alphabetically rather than chronologically, highlighting the careening career and wandering muse of Howe Gelb and his assembled guitarslingers. The perfect Giant Sand show runs two hours and drags you around the room filling you with booze and asking you to dance before pulling at your heartstrings, tying them in knots and then leading you into a barroom brawl that only stops to hear the piano player bare his soul before raining down the bottles and starting all over again.

These collections allow you to get that feeling in your own home. The first volume of the Sun Set box set includes: "Ballad Of A Thin Blue Man" (1986), "Blurry Blue Mountain’"(2010), "Center Of The Universe" (1992), "Chore Of Enchantment" (2000), “Glum" (1994) and "Goods And Services" (1995). The hardboard slipcase box set contains six albums across eight 12” vinyl and features extensive and entertaining liner notes from Howe Gelb himself. Available as a Record Store Day exclusive and limited in Europe to 1,000 copies.

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