LEONARD COHEN: The End of Love (2CD)

We are told ....

  • Leonard Cohen’s 1993 world tour may well have been the man’s last had he not discovered in 2004 that his manager had been embezzling his earnings - leaving him with little from his long career in music and publishing to assist in providing a comfortable retirement.
  • After a protracted legal battle, he once again took to the stage, at the age of 73, for his first tour in 15 years.
  • The release of this double CD presents Leonard’s complete performance, recorded for FM Broadcast, at Zurich’s Kongresshaus on 21stMay 1993.

Disc 1

1.Dance Me To The End Of Love 6:11

2.The Future 7:15

3.Ain't No Cure For Love 5:50

4.Bird On The Wire 7:05

5.Everybody Knows 6:09

6.Anthem 6:26

7.First We Take Manhattan 5:56

8.Avalanche 4:43

9.Chelsea Hotel #2 4:01

10.Tower Of Song 5:49

11.Democracy 8:03

12.Waiting For The Miracle 9:05

Disc 2

1.I'm Your Man 5:51

2.Joan Of Arc 7:01

3.Closing Time 7:33

4.Take This Waltz 7:22

5.Sisters Of Mercy 6:39

6.Hallelujah 7:59

7.I Tried To Leave You 11:15

8.So Long Marianne 5:45

9.There Is A War 7:06

10.The Future 7:13

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