HENDRIX: Both Sides of the Sky – AllMusic Review by Sean Westergaard

Both Sides of the Sky

Both Sides of the Sky is another collection of high-quality studio recordings, dating from 1968-1970. It might surprise some that, 45-plus years after his death, there's still good material that hasn't been previously released, but Hendrix was recording nearly all the time at this point, whether they were demos done in his apartment, late-night jamming with friends, working on new material, or finishing/reworking older tracks. The Record Plant recordings have been heavily bootlegged, but the truly surprising thing about this collection is the amount of material even hardcore Hendrix collectors may not have heard yet.

For this version of "Mannish Boy," Jimi grafts the Muddy Waters classic lyrics to an "Izabella"-style riff. "Lover Man" has been floating around in various incarnations, but this one from late 1969 sounds ......

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