THE STAIRS: The Great Lemonade Machine in the Sky 1987-1994 (CD)



The Stairs were truly one of the great-lost bands of the early Nineties, championed by Elvis Costello, Paul Weller and many other luminaries, they influenced (along with the La's), a whole new generation of musicians including The Coral & The Zutons).

They released little, apart from a few singles, one of these being the unforgettable cult classic: 'Weed Bus'- and their celebrated psyched up, debut LP (Go!Discs) : 'Mexican R'n'B'. (a triumph of the soul!)

The Viper Label proudly presents: ‘The Great Lemonade Machine in the Sky', a collection of previously unreleased recordings all thought to be lost but recently rediscovered in a relative’s attic!

A heady mixture of Psychedelia, Motown, Garage Rock 'n' Soul, R ‘n’ B that confirms their credentials- not just in the great canon of Liverpool bands but also as an essential part of British Underground Rock.


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