PAISLEY UNDERGROUND: The 1980s LA psychedelic scene that inspired Prince

Michael Hann writes .....

Bands such as the Dream Syndicate, the Long Ryders and the Bangles created a sound that so influenced Prince, he named his label and studio after it.

When Steve Wynn moved back to Los Angeles in 1980 after finishing college, he looked at the music being made in his home city and realised he was out of step. "The idea that you'd make music with long, unscripted and unstructured jams. The idea that you were into 60s garage bands. The idea that you'd play one chord until your arm fell off. All the things that we thought were exciting and cool couldn't have been less fashionable."

The curious thing is that what Wynn wanted to do with his band the Dream Syndicate turned out to be, albeit briefly, intensely fashionable. Fashionable enough that Prince named his Paisley Park song and label and studio after the psychedelic LA band scene that was known as the "Paisley Underground", and for it to be a big influence on his album Around the World In a Day. Not only that but it has had enough of a lasting effect for Wynn to be able to revive the Dream Syndicate and bring them to London at the end of this month to perform their debut album, The Days of Wine and Roses – now regarded as one of US alt-rock's early classics.