SPACE ODDITY: F.M. Broadcast 1983 (CD) by David Bowie and Stevie Ray Vaughn



From the rare Dallas Moonlight sessions, the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan brings a new life to some classic Bowie songs. Recorded in 1983 for WMFM.

 1. Star
  2. Heroes
  3. What In the World
  4. Look Back in Anger
  5. Joe The Lion
  6. Wild is the Wind
  7. Golden Years
  8. Fashion
  9. Lets Dance
  10. Red Sails
  11. Breaking Glass
  12. Life On Mars
  13. Sorrow
  14. Cat People
  15. Scary Monsters
  16. Rebel Rebel
  17. I Cant Explain
  18. White Heat White Light


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