What’s the worst system you are prepared to admit to ?

This issue about copyrights and protection has so many layers My absolute first ever system was a philips mono record player with a ceramic cartridge and a speaker in the lid. It switched on by pulling the arm to the right. That would be about 1970.

Then one christmas I got a proper Philips stereo system with two speakers, and also with a ceramic cartridge, about 1972 I guess. First LPs were Yes, Close to the Edge and Fragile, and Focus III.

Then my first proper hi fi was a Teleton amp, rank domus speakers, and a philips stereo top loader cassette deck.

I later added a Thorens 150 chassis which I put in a home made plinth. The difference in sound from the source material was enormous. That would have been 1975. Then the amp was upgraded to an armstrong 525 reciever which kept me going a long time. I replaced that with a tandberg TR1000 in about 1978, cost me £90. Happy days !


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