A POINT OF VIEW: A survivor’s guide on audiophile behaviour in society

[HiFi, what else?]

The simple fact you are staring at the monitor and reading this article means that either you are an audiophile or that you are strongly willing to become an audiophile (kudos then!). Or, perhaps, you just pretend to be an audiophile. In some sense, I'm an audiophile too. This all sounds like a meeting of some Audiophile Anonymous help group, I know. Hi, my name is Lucio and I've been an audiophile during the last 30 years or so. Hi Lucio, you're welcome. Sit down and relax.

First things first. We all know which is the most important thing in life: listening to our HiFi system. And we all know which is the main scope of our houses: to be a (good sounding) environment where to install our HiFi system. And we all know which is the main destination for our incomes: purchasing better and better HiFi gear. If we were asked to answer to the simple question "What would you do with a 1 million dollars?" we would probably disagree on which component to buy or which HiFi Show to attend, considering we're all proud to be different (solidstate-junkies, tube-heads, digital-maniacs, vinyl-addicts and so on) but the main target would be clear and commonly shared. HiFi.
We all agree on the fundamentals facts in life: having a wide frequency response and getting a realistic virtual image, whatever that means.

Now, it's a sad fact of life that not .....

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