“I’ve had some astounding results “taping” records to my computer and using a programme to …”

I still love the turntable amps and speakers I got from you (Funk Firm, LFD, Harbeth),

I hoped that would be the case

but recently my thoughts have turned to computer audio.

As indeed it sometimes does

I remember you recommended the Benchmark DAC to run in conjunction with our Mac.  I realise now I took the wrong turning when I invested in an expensive CD player while I was in the UK and should really have investigated computer audio.

Well, I did wonder.

That would probably involve a separate music server or NAS rather than my Mac. I've had some astounding results "taping" records to my computer and using a programme to de=crackle and - if necessary - some very gentle noise reduction. I then download to a memory stick - plug it into the Oppo Bluray player and it sounds amazing!

You are very far from the first to have said this. I guess it's the way of the future. Not my future though. Just too much emotional and financial investment in vinyl and more CDs than i might ever have a chance to listen to

I'd lov to know what your thoughts are in that direction.

Both a truism and a cliche but ... music is still music. Despite having arguably a damn good home system (Vandersteen speakers, etc) I remain both amazed and depressed (in commercial terms) just how exciting music can sound off my Apple Mac through tiny (but not tinny) Sony MDR-51 headphones as supplied with my Sony Pro Walkman. Moreover the inexpensive Alpine in-car system in my old Audi A3 has the power to thrill when played loud.

There are I believe some sound (no pun intended) acoustical reasons for this - but I'm yawning a bit now and have to walk the dog, prepare dinner, figure out if anything is worth worrying about and stuff like that.

Howard Popeck


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